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Improve your relationships, get unstuck, and become the person you were meant to be.
Soul Restoration will walk you through every step.
What robs you of peace?

Imagine your soul as a house. Over the years of your life, what kind of condition has your soul house taken on? Maybe harsh self-criticisms have smashed the decor… maybe toxic relationships have sprayed graffiti on the walls… perhaps painful experiences have been stuffed into the basement. 

You are weary, you are disconnected, and it’s hard to see the way forward—your soul house doesn’t even feel like your own anymore.

What puts your soul house into this state of disrepair? The answer is simple:


There are lies implicit in our society ("I'm not valuable unless I look like this, and parent my children like that"), and there are lies we adopt in response to painful past experiences ("that must have happened to me because I am no good").

You may have been believing lies all your life... most of us are carrying around untrue stories like a backpack full of rocks--extra weight keeping us from being our peace-radiating, true self. You know all the heavy rocks you carry every day. But you don't have to.
Here is the truth:
You were born good. Valuable beyond all measure. Full of potential.

That is still who you are.

That wholeness, that power, that peace, is what is meant for you. It's what's meant for all people.
I know how it feels.
This is my journal, before I started my restoration journey. I know how it feels to be lost, helpless, confused... seemingly broken beyond repair. I know how it feels to live a life defined by crippling lies.

But life should not feel like that. My restoration was a process of unraveling very old lies about myself, opening myself to the truth, and claiming power--power to set healthy boundaries, and power to "do it anyway" in the face of any obstacle.

That is the life that's meant for me.
And you.
And everyone.
Soul Restoration is your personal map.
I turned that experience into a map: a curriculum called Soul Restoration. It's based on simple universal truths you already know intuitively, but may have forgotten... carefully-crafted journaling exercises will walk you through every step.

This curriculum has changed the lives of thousands, both at live retreats and through the online course. Soul Restoration has healed entire families, unlocked the doors to beautiful new careers, and even saved lives.

Best of all... every soul who's done the hard work of restoring is now an agent of healing and helping in the world around them. The world needs healed people who can help others to heal, too.

"This workshop is the best gift I have ever given to myself. It is the gift of true restoration of the heart and soul. I highly recommend it to everyone, wherever they are in their lives."

- D

"I can't even begin to express my love and gratitude for Soul Restoration...I needed this reboot more than I can express.  It helped me find my voice and my song and my power again, and honest to God I needed some help."

- S 

Deeply moving.
​​​​​​​Life changing.
... This course is the cheapest form of therapy outside of journaling that I'm aware of. ​​​​​​​It is so worth it. I am worth it. WE are worth it."
​​​​​​​- M


Soul Restoration Online:

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Become a person who others look toward as an example of wholeness, happiness, and self-respect.

Open the door to your soul house, and let's get to work.
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About the creator
Melody Ross
Melody is the co-founder of Brave Living. Originally founded as Brave Girls Club, this worldwide community started out with the Daily Truth email and a groundbreaking women's retreat, based on the Soul Restoration curriculum, called Brave Girl Camp.

Melody's story--from her international art business, to her husband's decade-long traumatic brain injury--has touched hundreds of thousands. You can read part of it in this popular blog post she authored.

Melody is in love with her husband of 28 years, her five children, and three wonderful grandbabies. Her mission through Brave Living is to help others heal so that they can go on to help.